The three reasons to choose a UFI FORTIMAX High-Pressure Hydraulic Filter.

UFI Filters’ Aftermarket catalogue has been further expanded with the addition of seven high-pressure hydraulic filters, the FORTIMAX range.

Protecting the hydraulic circuit is essential, as it is a system that transmits energy through the use of a fluid. To function properly, the fluid circulating within the system must be maintained at the cleanliness level defined by the manufacturer and the presence of contamination can create potentially significant damage to the system components. As such, the fluid in the circuit should be filtered in every phase, from the tank through the pump to the cylinders, both on the flow and the return line.

There are different sources of contamination of the circuit, including wear of moving parts, imperfect sealing provided by the system’s gaskets, the entry of contaminants from the external environment, or maintenance work performed without the necessary attention.

There are four main causes involved in 70% of faults with hydraulic systems:

  • Solid particles deriving from mechanical wear of components..
  • Corrosion, caused by the presence of water.
  • Cavitation, caused by the presence of air bubbles.
  • Maintenance not performed within the specified timeframes (consequent operation with degraded/deteriorated oil and inefficient filters)

For this reason, it is extremely important from a financial point of view to choose the best filters in order to protect the hydraulic circuit, allowing you to save on costly maintenance operations and replacement of parts, which would also have negative repercussions on machine downtime.

UFI Filters introduced more than 200 high-efficiency hydraulic filters in its Aftermarket Catalogue over the last two years and now it’s time for the FORTIMAX range. This is the range of spin-on high-pressure filters for mobile and industrial applications, made using FormulaUFI.Micron filter media, based on resin, offering high filtration efficiency and low pressure losses for the entire lifetime of the element, available in 5, 7, 12, 16 and 21 µm(c) versions.

This, then, is why you should choose products which guarantee the same quality as the original equipment. There are three main benefits offered by UFI FORTIMAX high-pressure hydraulic filters:

  1. Their strength: thanks to the die-cast aluminium upper plate and steel body, they offer the robustness and durability required for use in high-pressure systems. They are, indeed, ideal for high-flow applications, are typically installed in-line, and can be used on hydraulic systems withmaximum operating pressure of up to 35 bar and flow rates of up to 200 l/min.
  2. The quick and easy changing of used cartridgesand reduced maintenance costs. The spin-on configuration is of key strategic importance when the machines involved in the maintenance have to work in particularly contaminated areas and under difficult environmental conditions.
  3. Their versatility, in other words the wide range of uses for mobile and industrial applications. UFI FORTIMAX hydraulic filters are particularly well-suited tohydrostatic transmissions, where the servo-assisted line requires high-performance filtration at medium operating pressures. It is also the ideal filter for cooling circuits, or on low-pressure auxiliary lines.

UFI Fortimax filters are easily visually identified thanks to the dedicated marking, and are distinguishable from other products in the catalogue by the initial code 87.