Original Equipment Light Vehicles

The car manufacturers everyday choose UFI FILTERS

1.Continuous technological innovation;
2.the search for solutions with extreme performances;
3.investments in technologically advanced products.
These are the plus factors that have made UFI FILTERS an original equipment leader, chosen by 95% of the biggest manufacturers in the world

Oil Filters

  1. New filtering media in synthetic fibres.
  2. Reinforced plastic oil modules.
  3. Weight reduction thanks to new materials and multifunctional integration within the modules.
  4. Resilience at high working pressures.
  5. New ‘green’ modules that limit environmental impact.

These are some of the cutting-edge solutions offered by UFI oil filters, in response to the technological evolution of the automotive sector that has led to the downsizing of engines, the introduction of Start & Stop systems, hybrid systems and the development of new engines Euro 6 (and in the future – Euro 7). The filter media developed by UFI are multi-layered compounds, in FormulaUFI.Stratiflex, made from fibre glass or synthetic materials which allow optimal interaction with the bio fuels and carbon particles dissolved in the oil. They guarantee the highest motor performance even with the introduction of new «long life» oils, additives, mineral and non-mineral oils and their consequent degradation. The structure of the new and traditional UFI filter media ensures a high permeability and therefore minor load losses in the engine lubrication system

Fuel Filters

More than 95% efficiency of the separation of water from fuel according to ISO 16332, thanks to UFI Filters DFM (Deep Filtration Media).
This is the exclusive FormulaUFI.Extreme developed by the UFI Filters Innovation Centres, containing polyamide in the form of fibres. Thanks to a coalescence filtration system defined as «volumetric», it ensures the maximum protection of diesel injectors from water residue, sludge and particles between 50-80 microns but even as tiny as 4 microns – measuring less than a hair – which elude the refinery processes.
UFI fuel filters guarantee maximum engine protection and filtering efficiency even with the new bio-fuels. By binding with the water, these new fuels encourage the proliferation of sludge and the obstruction of traditional filtration systems. UFI DFM filtering media, on the other hand, is designed to prevent any premature clogging of the cartridge. UFI Filters was a pioneer in the development of these filter blocks, which offer the best protection of common rail injection systems and hence reduce the need for costly maintenance interventions.

Air Filters

  • Modules integrated in the airbox.
  • Noise containment.
  • Filter media in synthetic fibres with the aid of pre-filters.
  • Filtration capacity greater than 98.5%.

These are some of the features of UFI air filters. The air filter is a fundamental element for the life of the car, as it purifies the air that reaches the combustion chamber, improving engine carburetion and reducing vehicle consumption. Without this part, the engine would be exposed to the threat of impure particles (dust, sand and so on) that would lead to its early deterioration, clogging the valves and injectors and causing sudden breakages. Furthermore, the air flow to the engine would be greater than the fuel flow, forcing the control unit to compensate by requesting more fuel. With their high filtering efficiency, UFI filters therefore prevent the alteration of the fuel flow in the injection system and the consequent loss of power, higher consumption and increased emissions into the atmosphere.

Multitube Air Filter

The revolution of engine air filtration is called UFI MULTITUBE, a patented system with a tubular structure that offers:

  • Enhanced performance: up to 4% increase in engine horsepower thanks to the improved fluid dynamics
  • Reduced consumption and pollutant emissions
  • A smaller filter: up to 50% less space taken up thanks to the geometric flexibility and downsizing of the filter, made possible by the tubular structure of the cartridge
  • Innovative filter media, produced according to FormulaUFI.Extreme specifications, in synthetic fibres that are 100% water and fire resistant, with guaranteed filtration performance over 99.5%

Cabin Air Filter

The main purpose of passenger compartment filters is to protect people from pollution (dust, soot, combustion gas, bacteria, pollen) inside the vehicle, as well as ensuring optimal driving conditions.
UFI Filters’ passenger compartment range ensures high efficiency and excellent humidity resistance for the well-being, health and safety of the driver and passengers.
UFI Filters currently provides a complete range of passenger compartment filters:

  • UFI Filters ARGENTIUM®, the revolutionary filter media in non-woven fabric with embedded silver particles with a powerful antibacterial action, produced using the innovative FormulaUFI.Stratiflex.
    ARGENTIUM® guarantees a filtering efficiency >98.5% for particles with a diameter of 2.5μm and its characteristics remain unaltered throughout its lifecycle, unlike the solutions on the market today
  • pollen filters, which retain on average over 90% of particles with a diameter of more than 2.5 microns (pollen)
  • activated carbon filters, which prevent even the smallest particles (from 0.01 to 2 microns – gases, bacteria, fungi and odours) from penetrating the passenger compartment, also ensuring protection from bad odours by avoiding the dangerous “tunnel effect” inside the vehicle.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter provides a high-efficiency filtration system.

UFI Filters produces state-of-the-art HEPA filters for cabin air filtration in BEV (battery electric vehicle) applications, mainly to equip a well-known manufacturer’s electric cars as early as 2021. Consisting of ultra-high efficiency filter media already in use in the health and medical sector, UFI HEPA cabin filters achieve efficiencies of 99.975% for particles smaller than 0.3 μm – i.e., 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a hair. This stops and traps not only common atmospheric particles and fine dust in the filter but also most of the dangerous bio-contaminants in the air, including spores, bacteria, and viruses.

To achieve these results, UFI Filters draws on decades of experience in designing and manufacturing filter systems, using the most advanced technologies for developing high-performance media and membranes.