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Original Equipment

Passenger Car

Thanks to continuous technological innovation and to investments into cutting-edge products, UFI Filters has consolidated its reputation as a leading OEM supplier of filtration systems both for the automotive market and for special applications.

Nowadays UFI supplies the first 6 out of 7 of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.


Heavy Duty

UFI Filters products are chosen as Original Equipment by the leading manufacturers that represent 48% of the world’s production of trucks and industrial vehicles. High levels of efficiency and safety, the complete range and investments in new technological solutions are the strengths that make UFI a premium supplier for OEMs.


Thermal Management

UFI Filters entered the Thermal Management sector in 2010 and are already global suppliers of solutions for the complete management of the lubrication system in the OEM sector. The UFI Group is specialised in the production of water-cooled and vacuum-brazed aluminium heat exchangers, a system that allows for a more reliable and efficient product, essential in the oil cooling circuit.

  • Sofima IAM


UFI Aftermarket

The Business Unit Aftermarket of the UFI Filters Group offers, for the independent spare parts market, a catalogue range with the UFI brand, of over 2,800 references for cars, heavy duty, agricultural and motorbikes that guarantee coverage of more than 96% of the European market. UFI products are marketed to 70 countries around the world, thanks to the partnership with the most important distributors and the presence of 12 commercial offices dedicated to the aftermarket including Europe, China, India, North America, North Africa and the Middle East.


SOFIMA Aftermarket

SOFIMA is the brand marketed for the aftermarket network of Europe, China, India, North Africa and the Middle East. Recognised in particular in the Far East, it also as a significant presence in Italy, in the Iberian peninsula and in the Eastern European markets. The catalogue range includes more than 2,800 for cars, heavy duty, agricultural and motorbikes, covering more than 96% of the European parc.

  • Mobile
  • Stationary



The UFI Hydraulic Division was established in 1992 to provide hydraulic filtration solutions for both mobile and stationary applications. Reliable hydraulic power is the key point offered by the wide range of UFI Hydraulic products to ensure high performance and agility for vehicles in the construction industry and for various mobile applications in all kinds of working conditions. There are more than 6,000 individual components available in the Hydraulic Catalogue.



Filtration solutions for stationary hydraulic applications over the last 25 years of business, the UFI Hydraulic Division has gained a solid reputation in the industry and offers a wide range of filters for numerical control machines, presses, wind applications and industrial hydraulic systems in general. Maximum protection, high efficiency, stability of the hydraulic system and reduction of the frequency of maintenance are the benefits of the 6,000 UFI Hydraulic individual components in the catalogue.

  • Racing
  • Aerospace



The High Tech Division UFI Filters is a team specialised in the production of filtration solutions for high performance applications, such as those in Formula 1 and motorsports in general. 7 out of 10 of the F1 teams – Ferrari, Mercedes among others have chosen our products – a partnership which began with Ferrari in 1976.



The UFI Filters Group dedicates a specialised division, the High Tech Division, for the design and production of filtration systems for aerospace, military and marine vehicles. The know-how for highly technological products, such as a gearbox filter, for the main rotor of a helicopter comes from experience in the field of racing and original equipment for the automotive industry.