UFI Group inaugurates its 7th Chinese plant, fully dedicated to green technologies, boosting sustainable development for the new energy vehicle industry.

UFI Group, a leader in filtration and thermal management as well as technologies for the development of hydrogen mobility, celebrate in Xiuzhou Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, the opening of UFI GREEN, its first industrial site fully dedicated to green technologies in China.

The new factory, the 21st of the Group, covers 42,000 square meters and is outfitted with cutting-edge production lines and R&D Lab center, employing in total 650 people. With an overall investment of 45 Mil Euros, UFI GREEN will develop and manufacture advanced thermal management systems and innovative filtration products. These products, available for electric vehicles (passenger vehicles, trucks, bus and off-road), hydrogen & fuel cell technologies and industrial filtration, aim to provide more sustainable and efficient solutions.

The products include chillers, liquid cooling condensers, coolers, electric axle heat exchangers, coolant-to-coolant heaters, dry receivers, accumulators, and integrated compact battery thermal management modules for new energy vehicles and energy storage applications.

At full capacity, UFI GREEN will reach the production capacity of 9.4 million units. Additionally, the annual capacity of new innovative filtration media will reach 3 million square meters.

In the second phase, UFI GREEN will be also focused on hydrogen & fuel cell systems as a key development area. The Group has a deep commitment to environmental protection and firmly believes that hydrogen energy is one of the key directions for future sustainable development.