MULTITUBE, the revolution in engine air filtration, goes Aftermarket

  • Award-winning UFI MULTITUBE is now available in the UFI and SOFIMA Aftermarket catalogues for FIAT 500 Hybrid
  • Up to 50% cartridge weight reduction
  • Greater availability of power to the engine

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management as well as technologies for the development of hydrogen mobility, has announced the inclusion of MULTITUBE filters for the FIAT 500 Hybrid in its UFI and SOFIMA Aftermarket catalogues.

Available under the codes UFI 27.TUB.01 and SOFIMA S 1TUB A in the respective catalogues, MULTITUBE for the FIAT 500 Hybrid has proven to be a significant technological innovation for engine air filtration – winning several awards since its debut thanks to its distinctive performance and features.

First and foremost, the cartridge’s weight has been reduced by up to 50%, thanks to a double tubular structure that replaces the traditional air panel.

The fluid dynamics are improved – consequently increasing power to the engine – as the air flow allows for reduced resistance, meaning less loss of pressure and energy to the injection system.

The double tubular structure also features a patented coupling to prevent dirty air from entering the engine.

Equally innovative is the filter material FormulaUFI.Extreme, a non-woven fabric composed of hydrophobic synthetic fibres made to a specific distribution gradient of diameter and porosity, which ensure constant functionality throughout the product’s life cycle. Unlike the paper media used in conventional filters, MULTITUBE ensures complete separation of water in the air intake circuit, preventing engine problems.

With its unsurpassed flame resistance, UFI and SOFIMA MULTITUBE’s filter material has passed the ISO DIN 53438 test which determines the degree of combustion of commercial materials, receiving the highest possible classification.

The filter material also offers a filtration efficiency of over 99.5%, ensuring a constant, clean air flow to the engine.

Paolo Cataldi, Aftermarket Business Unit General Manager of the UFI Filters Group, comments: “With the addition of UFI and SOFIMA MULTITUBE, our Aftermarket range is enriched by a cutting-edge product which only the UFI Filters Group can boast in its technology portfolio. For this reason, dedicated packaging has also been designed to distinguish it from the rest of the range. MULTITUBE is an innovation initially chosen for large cars, which has now also proven its versatility for the needs of city cars, paving the way for further developments in other market applications. Now that MULTITUBE technology, with all its advantages, has been extended to the world of automotive parts, everyone has the opportunity to experience the very best in engine air filtration.”

Giorgio Girondi, Chairman of the UFI Filters Group, adds: “I am proud that one of the many new patents of the UFI Filters Group is finally available in the Aftermarket. It’s a revolutionary technology for every workshop.”

More product details can be found in the online catalogues and