Changing a cabin air filter.


The lack of the cabin filter, or the lack of replacement at predetermined intervals, leads to poor air quality inside the car, leading to:

  • Accumulation of dust that promotes allergies, discomfort in the throat and sneezing.
  • Fatigue and poor concentration after prolonged driving.
  • Poor visibility due to condensation that builds up on the windscreen and windows.

The UFI Filters cabin filter range has 418 references covering 98.5% of the European automobile market. 60% are pollen filters, produced using non-woven synthetic materials, which retain over 90% of particles, such as dirt and pollen. 40% are active carbon and also retain gases, bacteria, fungi and odours, ensuring optimal comfort, health and well-being inside the car.

15,000 km is the recommended replacement interval for the cabin filter. In dusty areas it is recommended to replace it more frequently.

12 months is the maximum recommended period for the replacement of the cabin filter

Most of the cabin filters take around 15 minutes to replace.