UFI Filters heat exchangers for Mercedes Benz Trucks electric models

New UFI Filters technologies at the service of electric mobility. The Group, specialised in filtering and thermal management, has been chosen to supply the cooling module (heat exchanger) for the transmission oil of Mercedes Benz Trucks’ electric engine, scheduled to come onto the market in 2021.

UFI heat exchangers for transmission are assembled on the modern automatic gearboxes (transmissions) with the aim of keeping the oil temperature within an optimum value range. This component, fully conceived and developed by UFI Filters’ Thermal Management Business Unit, is manufactured at the Opole plant in Poland. It’s made of aluminium, using the latest water-cooled vacuum brazing techniques, and guarantees a longer lifespan for the transmission system whilst reducing vehicle consumption levels.

Once again, UFI Filters Group is showing how it keeps abreast of the times and can respond to the OEM needs for the latest zero-emission engines.