UFI Filters for the growth of future management engineers: the ACT-IN-CLASS project of the University of Padua has been completed

The Act-in-Class initiative was organised by JEst (Junior Enterprise of Management Engineering of Vicenza) and concluded this morning. The project took place in cooperation with the Management Engineering course of the University of Padua, dividing 25 students into four teams, including one sponsored by UFI Filters.

The team followed by our project managers developed a project on the theme of “the creation of a new product development procedure” and had the chance to talk to our Company’s managers. This is a practical initiative to support young graduates, to allow them to interface with the world of work and to grow professionally.

The students presented an innovative procedure, which could be implemented in the development of filtration and thermal management systems of the UFI Group. The Group is a specialist both in the Original Equipment of the world’s major automotive brands, and in the Aftermarket.

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