UFI@IDI: Sustainable Development and Innovative Filter Materials

UFI Filters, a leading company in the filtration and production of heat exchangers for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, participated for the third consecutive year in the Italian Design Icons (IDI) held November 26-28 in Shanghai. The event, which celebrates the excellence of Italian design in China, was also attended by other important names from the Italian industrial scene including Casappa, Ducati, Itema, Maserati and Pirelli.

In line with this year’s IDI Shanghai theme of ” DESIGN AND MATERIALS: The Power of Creativity and Performance “, UFI Filter Group presented their latest technologies and cutting-edge products, including filters for Formula 1, HEPA filters, E-AXLE filters and the new UFI MUTLTIUBE intake system air filter designed and produced for the Maserati MC20.

Besides the innovations on display, an F1 car driving simulator was set up and received great interest and participation from the public.

During the second day of the event, Francesca Bonesi, Project Management Director of UFI Filters Group APAC, presented the Group’s business in China focused on UFI’s contributions to the sustainable development of the automotive industry. In addition to the revolutionary and high-performance filtering systems, the Group’s secret was also introduced: FormulaUFI brand.

FormulaUFI is the brand name that encompasses all of UFI Filters’ filtration expertise and the name given to the filter medias designed and developed in the UFI Innovation Centres around the world. The brand consists of six filter media formulas, all produced in-house by UFI, to meet the needs of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. The different FormulaUFI can be customised according to the specific requirements of the single application, not only for the automotive sector, but also for Heavy Duty or industrial vehicles; covering the entire filtration range – fuel, air, oil, cabin and hydraulics.

Simone Trazzi, COO of UFI Filters Group APAC, received a participation certificate from the organiser at the end of the event. One of the primary objectives of the UFI Filters Group is to safeguard our planet’s natural resources. UFI Filters is constantly committed to researching and implementing solutions and innovative filtering materials that guarantee maximum respect for the environment – providing technologically advanced systems, which are able to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.