The revolution in engine air filtration, developed by UFI Filters, the company leader in filtration and thermal management, widens its presence in the OE of the Chinese market. Indeed the ultimate filtration technology UFI MULTITUBE has been chosen by Great Wall Motors, one of the most important car producers in China, for some of its latest models, such as HAVAL H6, BIGDOG, VV6 and VV7 on B30 platform. The new SUVs for the Chinese market will benefit with the presence of UFI MULTITUBE, the innovative solution produced in Sofima Automotive Filter Changchun plant, starting from March 2021.
The air filter module, UFI MULTITUBE, thanks to its geometric flexibility, tubular shape of the cartridge, lightness and hydrophobic filter media can assure the highest performances to the compact 1.5 litres turbo engine 124 kW of the latest Great Wall SUV models.
The partnership with Great Wall represents a first step of UFI MULTITUBE in the Chinese market, more developments yet to come both in the Asian and European market.

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