UFI Mask is now online, the website dedicated to the UFI Filters masks range

The UFI mask website www.ufimask.com has been officially launched.

The website, available in English, Italian and German languages provides a platform for global users to discover and understand the complete range of masks and personal protective equipment offered by UFI Filters.

As an expert with wide experience in the field of filter material manufacturing, UFI Filters uses Meltblown media (a non-woven fabric that ensures the highest standards of filtration efficiency) to manufacture masks and personal protective equipment. The masks produced by UFI Filters are safe and certified, including FFP2 masks, KN95 masks, disposable medical masks for children and adults, available in two different colours which can guarantee the best protection from viruses, bacteria and pathogens in every situation and social context.

UFI Masks are the best choice  at work, at school, in open spaces, and wherever it is necessary to wear a personal protective equipment.

Visit the new website for more product information and product advantages!