UFI Filters supports the ACT-IN-CLASS project, in favor of Management Engineering students from the University of Padua.

Saturday 28th September UFI Filters presented its official team for the ACT-IN-CLASS project, organized by JEst (Junior Enterprise of Management Engineering of Vicenza) in collaboration with the Management Engineering course from the University of Padua. The initiative, sponsored by the HR and Project Management department of UFI Filters Group, involves 25 students, divided into four teams, who for six weeks will be involved in the development of four projects proposed by the same number of companies, including UFI itself.

The challenge launched by the leader of filtration and thermal management to future engineers is “the creation of a new product development procedure”, which the students will have to carry on supported and inspired by the Company’s managers.

The next date with ACT-IN-CLASS is October 18th, again in Vicenza, in the branch of the University of Padua, for the intermediate stage of the project. Students of the UFI team will have the opportunity to interface again with the company managers for the review and brainstorming of the challenge launched, in view of the final presentation to be held on 31st October.

The activity belongs to the series of initiatives implemented by UFI Filters to enhance young talents and grow them professionally, giving them the opportunity to face directly with the world of work.

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