UFI Filters oil and diesel modules for the new generation FIAT DUCATO

The long-standing collaborative relationship between UFI Filters and the FIAT brand is entering a new era, with a partnership with the Stellantis Group. UFI’s oil and diesel filtration modules have been selected for the first engine developed entirely by Stellantis, which will equip the new FIAT DUCATO.

Forty years after it was first released, this historic van – one of the best-selling in Europe – is equipped with the third generation of Diesel Multijet3 2.2 l engines with H3 power architecture, all of which comply with the Euro6D-Final standard. An all-new engine that guarantees the most efficient fuel consumption and lowest emission levels, with optimised weight, reduced noise and a long service life: this superb reliability is also ensured by the diesel and oil filtration solutions and thermal management systems by UFI Filters.

The die-cast aluminium oil module, with a heat exchanger produced by UFI, features a cartridge inside which is manufactured according to the exclusive FormulaUFI.Micron; this filtering media is composed of glass fibres, and boasts filtration capacity for even the smallest particles, Beta2 @12 microns.  The UFI oil filter offers the very best efficiency, reducing the presence of particulate matter in the oil as a result of the engine parts rubbing against one another. The UFI Filters module also features a bypass valve, which enables the lubrication of the engine components in the event of start-up at very low temperatures, along with an anti-drain valve, which prevents the oil from draining into the sump, guaranteeing normal operation the next time the engine is restarted. Finally, it also has a purge tap, which is used during service operations to ensure cleaner conditions for the operator.

The UFI Filters diesel module, which can be found both on the new 2.2-litre Diesel Multijet3 engine and on the previous versions of the FIAT DUCATO with DW10 and DW12 engines (2.0 and 2.2 litres respectively), has a filtering media produced according to the exclusive UFI.EXTREME Formula, or DFM, Deep Filtration Media UFI.  This special material is customised to meet the needs of the specific application, and guarantees a filtration capacity of 96% and water separation of more than 93%, according to the innovative concept of coalescence, which consolidates the particles of water emulsified in the fuel into larger droplets which then fall to the bottom of the filter tank. The module is made entirely from reinforced plastic in order to withstand the high operating pressures of the fuel, and is equipped with an electric sensor with a heater to facilitate start-up in the winter months, as well as a purge tap for draining the residual water filtered from the diesel. The spare part is already available in the Aftermarket catalogue under the code UFI 26.H2O.03, and SOFIMA S 3H2O NE.