UFI Filters for Hyundai Tucson, the best-selling C-SUV in Europe

UFI Filters filtration technologies are once again confirmed as the winning choice of car manufacturers, Hyundai Tucson indeed mounts the UFI fuel filter as original equipment and was the best-selling C-segment SUV in Europe in 2022.

According to data published by JATO Dynamics, a company specializing in the automotive business intelligence sector, 150,803 Tucson were registered in the old continent last year. Now in its fourth edition, the car from the Korean brand has confirmed itself as the most popular mid-segment sport utility vehicle over time. Thanks to the design of its lines and the reliability of the engine, it can count on the protection guaranteed by UFI Filters filtration systems, not only for the latest series, but from the second generation yet.

New generation Diesel fuel filter: ecofriendly and integrated with multiple functions

UFI Filters supply as original equipment the diesel filtration system for the 1.6 CRDi engine of the new Tucson, also for the mild hybrid version (MHEV). Compared to the previous version, the advantages of this new module are the integration of multiple functions and the lightness of the element given by the plastic materials and the cartridge in ecological material. Water presence sensor, ceramic material heater and pressure sensor are located within the same group sensor unit, located on the top of the filter. This allows for greater efficiency of the heat exchange.

The filter cartridge has high water separation capacity, produced according to the exclusive material in FormulaUFI.Stratiflex which separates the water particles based on the coalescence principle. Reinforced with an internal hydrophobic mesh, the filter blocks the water droplets marking them fall to the bottom of the module tank, where there is a draining plug. The water presence sensor signals precisely when it is time to empty the tank.

UFI Filters fuel filtration technology

Thanks to its industrial site in Korea, UFI Filters can boast an historical partnership with Hyundai, since its second generation, Tucson in diesel version was equipped with the complete fuel filter made with the exclusive filter media in FormulaUFI.Stratiflex.

UFI module for Tucson model year 2015-2021 comprises an aluminum head with pressure sensor and a heater, while the filter body is equipped with a water presence sensor. This is all supplied inside a retainer to protect the system in an impact. The steel filter element encloses a dual-stage filtration system, made of FormulaUFI.Stratiflex: a first barrier for impurities and water formed by a cellulose-based media, a second made of hydrophobic mesh to eliminate residual water particles.

The guaranteed filtering efficiency is greater than 99% at 4 μm, while the water separation exceeds 90% according to ISO 16332 and the water presence sensor signals when it is necessary to purge the liquid collected on the bottom of the filter tank.

The quality of the original for the aftermarket.

UFI Filters thus confirms itself as the preferred brand of car manufacturers, chosen by 95% of vehicle manufacturers in the world. This know-how developed for the original equipment turns out to be one of the main advantages also for the aftermarket. In fact, the quality of the original product is also guaranteed by the independent spare parts network. The diesel filter for Hyundai Tucson second generation is available in the aftermarket catalogue with the UFI brand, under the code 24.123.00 and with the brand SOFIMA, under the code S 4123 NR. While the introduction of the eco-cartridge for Tucson last generation is under development.