UFI Filters expands the range of hydraulics oil filters available in its catalogue

 UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and in the production of heat exchangers for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, has further enriched the UFI Aftermarket catalogue with the expansion of its range of hydraulics filters designed for heavy and agricultural vehicles, wind turbines, earth moving and construction machines.

The UFI Aftermarket catalogue is constantly updated, and currently has more than 3,500 product references for light and heavy duty vehicles, agricultural machinery and motorcycles, covering more than 98% of the European fleet for each product family (oil, fuel, engine air and cabin). Thanks to the collaboration with the UFI Filters Hydraulics division – a Group company that is highly specialised in the design and production of reliable and highly efficient hydraulics filters for mobile and industrial applications – 23 filters have been added to the UFI Aftermarket catalogue in the last month, others will be added reaching 150 references by the end of the year.  Courtesy of this product category, UFI Filters is able to provide the Aftermarket market with a full portfolio of engineered solutions for heavy duty applications.

Highly efficient and reliable, the hydraulics filters are technologically advanced in order to meet the needs that arise in the most demanding operating environments, and are essential for protecting the hydraulics circuit of numerous agricultural and earthmoving applications.

Indeed, the hydraulics system requires efficient and constant filtration to protect the circuit from contaminants, in order to keep the level of oil cleanliness within the parameters established by each manufacturer for the specific application in question. In this way, the hydraulics system of the vehicle or plant can deliver excellent performance in terms of power and agility over time, thus avoiding major unplanned repairs and prolonged downtime as a result.

Discover all the new UFI Aftermarket hydraulics filters in the dedicated leaflet!