UFI Filters do Brasil has been recognised by Ford Motor Company with the maximum certification

Brazilian branch of the Italian group prepares its expansion in South America bringing F1 technology to filtration systems made in Jundiaí (SP)

A certification that opens up business fronts and further increases the focus on innovation. The Brazilian branch of UFI Filters has just received the Q1 from Ford Motor Company, the automaker’s maximum qualification for its suppliers. The certificate is a recognition of the best production, quality and logistics processes for the North American auto manufacturer’s partners.

UFI Filters do Brasil is part of UFI Filters, an Italian multinational world leader in fluid filtration technology and thermal management systems – the group is a supplier to 95% of all existing automakers in the world. In Brazil, the company achieves the maximum Ford certification after only 3 years of partnership with the manufacturer.

Quick success

UFI arrived in Brazil in 2016 with the inauguration of the Jundiaí (SP) plant. A manufacturer of fuel, oil and air filters (for engine and cabin), the company began supplying filtration systems for the Ford Ranger line from 2019.

The North American brand, in turn, has a scoring system for all its suppliers, based on monthly assessments that meet three main quality criterias: product, logistics and support. Whoever reaches 90 points receives the Q1 certification. In February, UFI Filters do Brasil reached 93 points.

“We are very honored to have been recognised with Ford’s Q1 certification, as it shows the engagement of our employees and collaborators and the work that UFI does. A job that prioritizes quality, delivery and development of new technologies”, says Paulo Nascimento, Country Manager and Sales Director at UFI Filters do Brasil.

Innovation always on the agenda

Much of this certification is due to the innovation implemented by the company in its products. UFI owns the diesel filtration technology that allows water separation. System that equips the Ranger pickup produced in Argentina.

“We have a coalescence and separation process that manages to meet 99% of this water separation within the most demanding market standards, compliant also with biodiesel. Remembering that with biodiesel this process of separating water is much more complex and difficult than with common diesel”, explains Nascimento.

From the slopes to the world

New technologies are part of the UFI Filters DNA and extend to other fuels and filtration equipment. The Italian company also innovated the engine’s air filtration process with UFI MULTITUBE, a tubular system that increases the power of the propeller by 4%.

Innovation and pioneering spirit originate from more than 50 years of experience of UFI Filters in the global market, but also from the best “laboratory” in the automotive industry: the racetracks. Indeed, the company has a tradition of supplying to the main automobile competitions. In particular, the main one: Formula 1.

Today, 9 of the 10 F1 teams use UFI filters. In addition, high-performance cars also use the company’s technologies to improve their performances. The company, for example, is the supplier of filters to brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

Motor racing circuits and sports cars from premium manufacturers are just a few more “business cards” that UFI Filters can flaunt in the industry. The Q1 certification with Ford is yet another reinforcement of these credentials and comes to ratify the reputation gained by UFI in the market.

“Ford prioritizes suppliers that have this certification for new business. In addition, it is a difficult certification to achieve and the company that is Q1 is seen with good eyes by other automakers in the automotive market, as it is a guarantee of quality and good customer service”, explains the UFI executive.

New line of filters and aftermarket

In South America, UFI Filters do Brasil is also a supplier of other brands. Among the customers, General Motors, Fiat, Jeep, Iveco and CNH Industrial. The focus is now on expanding the business fronts.

The company is preparing to invest in the Jundiaí factory, which currently has a capacity of 1 million filters per year and 60 employees.

UFI will promote the expansion of its portfolio to the aftermarket, which also includes a new filter for air conditioning.  in addition to the launch of filters for the heavy duty and off-road market.  The line for the aftermarket will begin production in November, with launch scheduled for January 2023.