UFI Filters best filtration performances for the “Scania Green Truck’s” transmission oil circuit

The transmission oil filter is a fundamental components for preserving the purity of the oil in the transmission circuit, for this reason UFI Filters has developed a high technological filtering solution with its exclusive FormulaUFI.Micron. A special material developed by the UFI Innovation Centre composed by glass-fiber, in order to maximise the filter life, efficiency and reduce pressure drop.

The exclusivity of this FormulaUFI has been chosen by Scania for its “Green Truck” R410, the vehicle that was recognised with the “Green Truck award” in 2021, the competition organised by the German trade magazines “Trucker” and “Verkehrs Rundschau”. A real efficiency challenge that has been run on 360km in the north of Munich with 32 tons trucks with maximum 430 CV power.

Scania R410, fitting UFI Filters transmission oil filer, has obtained impressive results with 23,53 liter per 100 km average fuel consumption, reaching the highest average speed (80,60km/h) in a mixed circuit of highways and secondary roads.

UFI oil filter, thanks to the concentration and distribution of the synthetic fibers of the filter media, guarantees high performing solutions, with high level dust holding capacity, that assure an optimal flow of the oil and a low pressure drop, thus assuring the best functioning and performance of the truck’s transmission. UFI filters also has more advantages compared to the traditional spin on solution, resulting in being more eco-friendly and avoiding dispersion of oil residuals during the service operation.

UFI Filters confirm once again its commitment in developing solutions at the service of more green vehicles.