The revolutionary technology of UFI MULTITUBE for the new Maserati MC20 Cielo open two-seater

The House of the Trident turns once again to the excellence and innovation of UFI Filters, a leading company in filtration and thermal management that has a very strong Original Equipment background. Maserati has in fact also equipped the brand new MC20 Cielo with the revolutionary MULTITUBE engine air filter.

The twin air intake of UFI MULTITUBE, engineered by UFI technicians in collaboration with Maserati, supports and further enhances the already high performance of the 6-cylinder Nettuno Biturbo V6 engine, 3-litre 630 hp. The tubular shape of MULTITUBE allows greater modularity and geometric flexibility housed in the wheelhouse area, near the air inlet, it keeps the car profile and aerodynamics unchanged. UFI Filters innovation also ensures a lightweight structure with reduced weight: up to 25% less compared with other engine air filtering systems.

Another fundamental characteristic of MULTITUBE is the waterproof filtering media, made with the exclusive FormulaUFI.Extreme which, unlike a traditional panel, maintains high filtration performance (greater than 99.5%) during the entire product lifecycle. UFI MULTITUBE also guarantees better fluid dynamics for the transit of air to the engine, protecting it from impurities, debris and water droplets.

Pressure drops are reduced by 50% compared with classic panel air filters, and the filtering media provides unbeatable flame resistance – in fact it has passed the DIN53438 (ISO Standard) test that determines the degree of combustion of commercial materials, receiving F1 classification which is the highest possible.

There are many technological innovations on the open two-seater version of the much-loved MC20, including the UFI MULTITUBE technology that’s so well-suited to the fully digital driving mode selector, but also the powerful sound system and the panoramic glass roof that can be retracted in just 12 seconds.

This new version of the MC20 focuses heavily on the latest technologies, and UFI Filters is proud to be a part of that with its all-Italian filtering innovation, guaranteeing all the driving pleasure of the high-performance engine on the latest newcomer at Maserati.