The original equipment UFI Gen2 Plus technology on the highly anticipated Alfa Romeo Tonale

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management, has always been synonymous with innovation, so much so that the diesel version of the new arrival in the Stellantis Group is equipped with the original equipment UFI Gen 2 Plus technology.

Presented in live streaming on February 8, the compact SUV Alfa Romeo Tonale  offers a wide choice of engines: from the plug-in system, through to the petrol hybrid and the diesel engine. Although the departure platform is shared, as well as inherited from the Jeep Compass, the diesel version features a high-performance 130 hp 1.6L engine together with a dual-clutch robotic gearbox with 6 gears and front-wheel drive.

Precisely for this version, the Stellantis Group has relied on the experience of UFI Filters in diesel filtration technologies with high water separation. The filter mounted as original equipment on the Tonale is the Gen 2 Plus, known for its high performance: filtering efficiency of more than 90% for particles up to 4 μm according to ISO 19438 and 95% water separation capacity from the diesel fuel according to ISO 16332, thanks to the filter media produced internally according to the special FormulaUFI.StratiFlex.

The filter consists of an internal cartridge enclosed in a steel housing made with a cold moulding process that is particularly resistant, even in the event of a crash.

The cartridge made with the exclusive DFM (Deep Filtration Media), includes a pressure control valve and a plastic upper cover that contains a flat mesh, both patented systems.

The fuel filtration system has a fundamental function for the life of the engine, as it must block contaminants and separate water from the diesel fuel, which could clog and damage the injectors.

The UFI filter guarantees maximum water separation capacity from the diesel fuel, thanks to the deep filtration system and the principle of coalescence. The flow of diesel fuel is filtered according to an internal-external process, through depth materials with graduated porosity, which cause the water particles present in the fuel to unify, forming larger droplets that fall to the bottom of the filter. The water separation capacity is further enhanced by an external hydrophobic net, which acts as a barrier for water particles that easily fall on, avoiding the risk of a return into the circuit.

In fact, even if a number of international standards exist, such as EN590, which sets limits for the levels of water present in fuel, and EN14214, which sets out standard specifications for biodiesel, over the years, the quality and type of diesel has changed, as have the varieties and compositions of the fuels available in different geographical areas of the world. As a result, this has necessitated increasingly high-performance filtration systems and materials which can be adapted to the needs of different car manufacturers and markets. This is why it is important to rely on a manufacturer like UFI Filters, with a strong presence in Original Equipment.  In fact, UFI Filters meet the specific requirements of OE manufacturers, courtesy of their capacity to separate contaminants even in the dirtiest diesels available; moreover, the company itself is part of the ISO committee for the definition and updating of filtration standards.

The spare part of the diesel filter for Alfa Romeo Tonale is already available in the Aftermarket catalogue with the code UFI 26.079.00 and SOFIMA S 6079 NE in order to offer the warranty of the original product even in service operations.