The importance of maintenance in heavy duty vehicles

Trucks are among the vehicles that require more maintenance, because they run for many kilometers every day and are they an essential work tool. Therefore, any vehicle downtime should be avoided, as it could lead to severe revenue losses for hauliers. This is why periodically checking the filtration systems is essential. If they are not checked or replaced regularly, they can accumulate excessive quantities of debris or impurities that hinder the air or fuel flow, or they can prevent proper engine lubrication, causing lower vehicle reliability, premature wear, fuel consumption increase, and reduced driving comfort and safety.

Spring is the perfect time to carry out a complete maintenance on filtering systems.

Here are 5 tips from UFI Filters filtering experts to service heavy duty vehicles.

1) Check the engine oil

Remember to check the engine oil level. To replace the oil, follow the instructions in the Operation and Maintenance Booklet. When performing this operation, it is also best to change the oil filter.

Oil filters are extremely important, as they prevent engine damage and issues caused by low-quality oil or by the presence of impurities resulting from engine operation. UFI Filters offers screw-on filtering systems, filter cartridges and also complete modules in its aftermarket catalogue. They are made with the exclusive FormulaUFI.Stratiflex and FormulaUFI.Cell, two high-efficiency filtering media that help to enhance the engine’s performance.

FormulaUFI.Cell is a material made of cellulose fibres mixed with synthetic fibres to maximize filter duration and to limit pressure drops. Even at low temperatures, it keeps the oil filter functioning correctly.

FormulaUFI.Stratiflex gives the system a high filtering efficiency, thanks to the combination of different layers, such as cellulose and glass fibres.

2) Keep the fuel system in check

Another essential step to service a heavy duty vehicle is to monitor the fuel supply. The filter is directly connected to the vehicle’s performance. If not replaced regularly, or if a low-quality fuel is used, the filter could get clogged, and thus hinder the engine supply. Not servicing the filter can cause minor issues – such as a slight trembling when accelerating – or even more severe damage to the injection systems, with heavy financial repercussions to the vehicle’s maintenance costs.

UFI fuel filters are technologically advanced solutions that trap impurities and have a high capacity of separating water from diesel fuel. In particular, when it comes to heavy vehicles, UFI Filters offers a dual filtration system, as pre-filters block the larger particles and separate water from diesel fuel; while filters have a high filtering efficiency on smaller elements. The pre-filter and filter together offer the best engine production and life. FormulaUFI.H2O is usually the most effective formula to ensure the best water-diesel separation performance, thanks to the high-quality meltblown materials that increase the filter’s performance and life.

3) Check the air filter carefully

 Nice weather also means more pollens, pappi, aments and dust that could end up in the engine air intake system. This is why UFI Filters technicians suggest to check that the air filter is not obstructed in order to avoid compromising the engine power, especially when driving in dusty areas.

Thanks to fluid dynamics studies and lab tests, UFI air filters ensure a high filtering efficiency and a constant air flow distribution. They also ensure the elimination of water molecules through the centrifugal force generated within the module, and limited noise levels. For optimal combustion, UFI Filters adds the exclusive FormulaUFI.Cell to its filtering solutions, ensuring better performances in terms of mechanical stability and filter duration. Another advantage of UFI air filters is the lower risk of flammability, by using flame-retardant materials, for increased vehicle safety.

4) Ensure the quality of the air you breathe

The quality of air circulating within the vehicle is directly connected to an improved driving comfort and safety, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

The best solution is to trust UFI Filters cabin air filters, available in 3 versions: anti-pollen, with active carbon, and UFI Argentium anti-bacterial. Cabin air filters protect against external agents, such as fine dust, allergens, toxic gases, such as NOx, SO2, NH3 and VOC, and also against bacteria and mould.

As the temperature outside increases, bacteria proliferation may also increase, and it is therefore recommended to install an anti-bacterial cabin air filter. The UFI Argentium range is comprised of silver Biomaster biocide, which inhibits 99% of the microbial growth within the air-conditioning system.

Besides improving the air quality, cabin filters help reduce the load on the air-conditioning system fan, and to keep the inside of the windows cleaner for longer. UFI cabin air filters are produced with the exclusive FormulaUFI.Stratiflex, which guarantees greater humidity resistance and microbiological neutralization (based on the components of the different layers).

5) Trust an original spare part manufacturer

UFI Filters always recommends using filtering systems with a quality equivalent to the original product.

The manufacturers – representing 50% of the global Heavy Duty vehicle production – choose UFI Filters as Original Equipment.

Choosing UFI spare parts means relying on a manufacturer with a strong presence with Original Equipment, who can also provide the best Aftermarket solutions.


To find the best filters for your vehicle, you can consult UFI Filters online catalogue, which now features over 480 filters for heavy duty vehicles (trucks and buses).