Personnel training and development: training continues online at UFI Filters

UFI Filters always stands by its employees. The company, which is a leader in filtration and thermal management, is proud to have offered its collaborators a full training programme focusing on the development and improvement of soft and technical skills which are considered vital to success, professional and personal development and a calm, efficient working environment.

Even if we are in socially difficult times, we have been able to continue online the courses that had started with students being physically present at the beginning of the year. Thanks to Fondimpresa and our coach Massimo Bersotti, plus support from digital technology, we were able to train 127 people who were taught for 287 hours (64 in the classroom and 223 online) in 6 different courses:

  • leadership,
  • communication,
  • effective methods of communication,
  • a course in PMP certification preparation for our project managers (PMP exam preparation),
  • an advanced computer skills course (software technical skills),
  • public speaking and business writing.

This is an important result for both our employees and the Human Resources Department who have worked hard to continue and complete this investment in training, even during the most complex moments of the lockdown when the UFI Filters IT Department succeeded in giving the company workforce the autonomy required to work remotely in a very short space of time.