New applications for UFI MULTITUBE – the engine air filtration revolution convinces DAIMLER AG.

UFI Group has been awarded a new and important Original Equipment project for DAIMLER AG, with the revolutionary UFI MULTITUBE engine air filtration technology. As of 2021, UFI Filters will supply V12 engines by Mercedes, AMG and Maybach with a complete double airbox housing the MULTITUBE cartridge.

The air filtration innovation by UFI Filters ensures up to 4% more horsepower and even lower emissions. Thanks to its geometric flexibility and the resized filter, up to 50% less space now occupied in the engine bay compared to a traditional panel.

UFI MULTITUBE also maintains full functionality throughout its entire life cycle, thanks to the new in-depth filtration concept and the innovative in hydrophobic synthetic fibres used.

UFI MULTITUBE was launched on the market for the Porsche GT2RS and has since convinced DAIMLER AG; it will soon also be used as Original Equipment on segment A vehicles with high sales volumes in Europe.

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