New UFI Filters ARGENTIUM advertising campaign

“We care what you breathe”, the new advertising campaign for UFI Filters goes with the launch of UFI Filters ARGENTIUM, the breakthrough innovation that marks the beginning of a new generation in cabin air filtration.

Launched at Autopromotec Bologna in May, UFI Filters ARGENTIUM represents an innovative filtering material, consisting of synthetic polymer fibres with incorporated silver particles. ARGENTIUM offers maximum protection in all environmental conditions and guarantees more than 99% long-term antibacterial capacity. Thanks to the specific combination with activated carbons, the filters also block polluting powders, such as the hazardous PM 2.5, harmful gases such as nitrogen monoxide (NOx), pollen and unpleasant odours. ISO 11155-1 certified laboratory tests carried out in Germany confirm that these particles guarantee a filtering capacity higher than 98.5%.

UFI Filters invites you to “Choose the maximum protection today, to safeguard your tomorrow”, and to replace your cabin filter at least once a year to guarantee optimum air quality and driving conditions inside your vehicle. UFI Filters cares about what you breathe inside your vehicle.

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