Pre-filter diesel UFI Filters in original equipment for Kamaz

UFI Filters is in Original Equipment also on KAMAZ lorries of the diesel pre-filter with high water separation. The complete module is mounted on models like the robust and powerful 5490, 65206, 65207 and 65801 (428 hp upwards) or the 6580 and 65208 (from 400 hp).

The pre-filter has a fundamental function of water-separation from gasoil and is placed above the low pressure pump as its protection. The pre-filter works always in synergy with the filter, in a system which needs to be in balance in order to guarantee the best efficiency and engine life, avoiding the filter clogging and the fuel system pressure drops.

The main structure of this pre-filter is made of plastic, giving enhanced lightness and flexibility to withstand high operating pressure; in fact it can tolerate a diesel flow of up to 750l/h. The filter head is in die-cast aluminium. It integrates the priming pump system that aids the start-up of the engine after long stops, pressurising the supply system and reducing the wear on the starter motor.

The cartridge, with its patented technology is made of synthetic fibres that interact smoothly with biodiesel. These fuels, in fact, contain a higher percentage of biological elements which, binding with the water residue, form deposits that could clog the filter. The UFI cartridge prevents this type of obstruction thanks also to a water-diesel separation rate higher than 95% and filtering efficiency again above 95% for particles up to 25μm.