Italian Aftermarket events return with the UFI Filters and SOFIMA Filter Convention

On the 23rd of September, Venice turned blue and red for the UFI Filters and SOFIMA Filter Italian Aftermarket Convention.

The event was held at Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal in Venice, and was an opportunity for the best professionals from the Italian Aftermarket Distribution sector to meet in person, both for light and heavy vehicles. The working day was an important opportunity to catch up with the latest news and innovations from the UFI Filters Group and market trends from the Aftermarket segment as a whole, as well as a chance to share opinions and predictions for the next few years, while going over some of the successes and milestones the UFI Group has achieved in its 50-year history. It is a story which has involved some of the main players in the independent spare parts sector, who have helped make UFI Filters and SOFIMA Filter brand leaders in the Aftermarket industry in Italy and beyond.

UFI Group’s top management also took part in the event: from the President of the Group, Giorgio Girondi, to the CEO Rinaldo Facchini and the new EMEA COO, Stefano Gava.

Numerous topics were covered during the convention, including the evolution of the market and the potential of the Aftermarket sector, including reference to the current macroeconomic panorama, the growth of the UFI Group, as well as measures taken in the fight against counterfeiting. And of course the digital transformation process being put in place by the Group, the focus on the company’s presence in buying groups, an overview of UFI Filters’ technological innovations in the field of the most advanced filtration and thermal management solutions for new green powertrains, and finally an in-depth look at the UFI and SOFIMA Aftermarket catalogues, the communication and sales support tools which the Aftermarket Marketing department makes available to Distributors.

In addition to the day’s work, the participants – hailing from all over Italy – were able to enjoy the magical atmosphere of Venice, with guided visits to some of the lagoon city’s most important sights, followed by the experience of a masked gala dinner in the Sala del Ridotto hall at the Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal, one of the most important Venetian meeting places for gambling, parties and entertainment, embodying the spirit of the mercantile mentality of the 17th century.