Giorgio Girondi, UFI Filters Chairman, tells the magazine Newsweek about the growth of the Group

(*) Published by Newsweek –

UFI Filters, Italian filtration giant, an example of the great growth of the Italian economy in the post-Covid era. Interviewed by the American weekly Newsweek, our President Giorgio Girondi, talks about UFI Filters’ recent business innovations and latest technologies, which are increasingly aimed at implementing new solutions for tomorrow’s mobility, with a view to global expansion.

The recent pandemic has undoubtedly affected the performance of the Italian economy, but recovery could be just as rapid thanks to exports and the push towards cleaner energy, so that Italy, already a leader in the manufacturing sector and one of Europe’s leading exporters, is rapidly emerging as the EU’s biggest economic success story.

A key player in this success is also UFI Filters, which has seen its turnover double in the last 10 years, as President Giorgio Girondi says, “UFI Filters’ turnover was about $2.5 million” when Girondi took over; “now it’s close to $500 million”.

One area that could see strong growth in the near future is the automotive sector, given the global rise in electric vehicles. UFI Filters has long been ready to meet the new challenges of the changing global market, producing key technologies for the thermal management of electric vehicles, such as heat exchangers, battery coolers and battery chillers. Not only electric, UFI Filters is also at the forefront in the development of filtration technologies for fuel cells, for the production of clean energy from hydrogen.

An Italian success story in the world, to be read in the dedicated article on the pages of Newsweek at the following link