A complete UFI filter for the Alfa Romeo Giulia

UFI Filters Group holds a total of 206 patents, including one for a key component of the diesel filter for the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 JTD, which UFI supplies as an Original Equipment element. The partnership between UFI Filters and one of Italy’s leading car brands, to which it supplies a comprehensive range of filtration systems, is historic. Specifically, the filter for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which is available as an Aftermarket replacement part with code UFI 26.076.01 and SOFIMA S 1076 NE, delivers innovation and technology, for optimum engine safety.

The complete diesel filter module is made entirely from plastic, a feature that called for a very high level of design, and which led to a reduced number of components and thus a reduction in the weight of the module itself.

The cartridge is made with Deep Filtration Media, the exclusive formula developed in the Innovation Centres of UFI Filters, which contains polyamide in the form of fibres.

The filter includes a group sensor into which a series of electronic devices are integrated, offering three fundamental advantages in a single unit, which can:

  • measure the temperature of the fuel;
  • heat the fuel in low temperature conditions;
  • signal the level of water separated from the diesel fuel in the collection chamber.

The bleed screw is located at the base of the lower cap to facilitate servicing operations.

The fuel pressure regulation valve is located on the cartridge, and indeed, this particular position is among UFI Group’s many patents.